Toronto has always been about theme parties and beautiful decor. We aim to decorate our venue to provide the best possible experience for our guests. Each year we aim to improve the vibe and atmosphere. When you attend the Toronto festival you will instantly sense something is different about this festival compared to others. It’s more relaxing, it’s more engaging and it’s definitely more fun.

  • Amazing Theme Parties. Each night the venue is decorated with beautiful lights, drapes and curtains for the evening gala.
  • Always Dress to Impress. All guests arrive dressed in the nightly themes. The themes are always classy, elegant and stylish.
  • Awesome Atmosphere & Vibe. As you walk into the venue; you can feel the vibe and energy from everyone waiting for the shows to start.

Toronto has be the best theme nights. It’s classy, simple and elegant. Everyone looks so good and the venue matches the dress themes perfectly.